SEITZ products for the Spotting

Ultrasonic Gun

Ultrasonic spotting gun for stain removal in the pre- and post-spotting

Ultrasonic Gun

Achieve mastery in stain removal with the innovative tools from SEITZ: In the field of stain removal, Ultrasonic Gun & Ultrasonic Booster guarantee optimal success.

Combined with the Ultrasonic Booster , the Ultrasonic Gun removes a wide range of patches with extremely fine ultrasonic vibrations.

The stainless steel tip is designed so that the mechanics can be used concentrated for the processing of small areas.

To avoid fiber damage, theUltrasonic Gun should not be focused too long on one place and never be used without the Ultrasonic Booster!


Ultrasonic Booster

Ultrasonic Booster
Ultrasonic Booster
Special spotting agent for Ultrasonic Gun
The Ultrasonic Booster is used to remove greasy stains of all kinds and has a pleasant fresh fragrance.
He serves as a transmitter between the ultrasonic head of the Ultrasonic Gun and the tissue. Due to the high-frequency vibrations of the Ultrasonic Gun, heat is generated at the stainless steel tip. The Ultrasonic Booster cools these down and protects the fabric as a liquid coat. This also makes it possible to treat sensitive materials such as silk or wool.
In addition, all further used SEITZ post-spotting agents can be flushed out effortless with the Ultrasonic Booster.
By pressing the trigger on the Ultrasonic Gun,the Ultrasonic Booster is automatically applied and the stain removed. For older and difficult to remove stains, in addition to the Ultrasonic Booster , all SEITZ pre- and post-spotting agents can be used, observing the general precautions (like hem test). When used on a post-spotting table, the stain substance itself and the spotting agent can be rinsed immediately with the Ultrasonic Gun and sucked off.


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