Die Produkte der Kitec Linie lösen alle Verschmutzungen in der Küche...

... angefangen vom Handspülmittel, über den Grillreiniger, Konvektomatenreiniger bis hin zum Pflegemittel und Entkalker werden Sie umweltfreundliche, effektive und biologisch abbaubare Reinigungsmittel finden.

Erhalten Sie hier einen Auszug über unsere Produkte:

Kitec Washup
Kitec Washup
Liquid hand dishwashing detergent
  • Liquid, skin-friendly, yielding hand detergent for manual dish washing
  • Through optimum combination of surfactants, a fast dissolution of fats and dried-on food particles is ensured as well as a streak-free and easy rinsing
  • It is extremely mild and does not attack even sensitive surfaces such as non-ferrous metals and painted surfaces
  • Dosage: 20 - 30 ml per 10 l water

Kitec Dish Complete
Kitec Dish Complete
Liquid, chloride-containing dish washing detergent
  • Phosphate-free, strongly alkaline, bleaching dishwashing detergent for stubborn dirt / prevents the buildup of starch lasting
  • For use on porcelain, metal and plastic
  • Not suitable for aluminum and aluminum alloys
  • The contained active ingredients allow an optimum cleaning result in each commercial dishwasher
  • environmentally friendly, since free of phosphate, chlorine, APEO (alkylphenolethoxylates), EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) and NTA (nitrilotriacetic acid)
  • Dosage: 1.5 - 3.5 g per l of rinsing fluid

Kitec Dish Glass
Kitec Dish Glass
Liquid glass and dishwashing detergent
  • Especially mild glass and dishwashing detergent
  • Particularly high protection of the glass decor by special ingredients
  • For use on glass, porcelain and plastic
  • A special combination of active ingredients ensures a powerful removal of fat residues and dried-on food particles.
  • Suitable for all ranges of water hardness
  • Prevents effective limescale
  • Dosage: 2.0 – 4.0 g per l of rinsing fluid

Kitec Dish Aluminium
Kitec Dish Aluminium
Liquid dishwashingdetergentforaluminum
  • Phosphate-free, slightly alkaline dishwashing detergent for stubborn stains
  • For use on porcelain, metal and plastic, aluminum and aluminum alloys
  • The contained active ingredients allow an optimum cleaning result in each commercial dishwasher
  • Dosage: 1.5 - 3.5g per l of rinsing fluid

Kitec Rinse S
Kitec Rinse S
Liquid, acidic, concentrated rinseaid
  • Acid rinse aid, which guarantees perfect stain-free gloss drying due to its excellent flow properties
  • For use on glass, porcelain and plastic
  • Can be used on continuous and single tank dishwashers and is suitable for all ranges of water hardness
  • Also suitable for automatic dosing in convectors
  • Dosage: 0.1 - 0.3 g per l rinse water

Kitec Scalex
Kitec Scalex
Liquid, acidic and highly concentrated descaler
  • Liquid, acid descaler for commercial use
  • Inorganic deposits such as lime, scale and signs of rust coming from chafing dishes, steam boilers and dishwashers are solved quickly and thoroughly
  • By using higher temperatures (70 °C) and mechanical action, the efficiency of Kitec Scalex is increased
  • Special corrosion inhibitors protect steel, non-ferrous metal and stainless steel surfaces
  • Not suitable for aluminum and painted surfaces
  • Dosage: 80 – 100 ml per 10 l of rinse water
    For strong encrustations repeat the process.

Kitec Oven Gel
Kitec Oven Gel
Gel-like, alkaline cleaner (grease-soiled areas)
  • For the cleaning of ovens, grills, convectors and stainless-steel filters
  • Kitec Oven Gel adheres particularly well on smooth surfaces
  • Particularly stubborn stains such as greasesoiling, can be removed even more effectively by mechanical application (wear suitable gloves)
  • Suitablefor all materials
  • On aluminum it would need to be clarified in a practice test
  • Dosage: use undiluted and rinse well with drinking water

Kitec Foam
Kitec Foam
Alkaline foam cleaner for all grease-soiled areas
  • For cleaning alkali-resistant, grease-soiled surfaces, e.g. ovens, grill automat, convectors and extractor hoods
  • High efficiency in the removal of burned-in grease and oil through optimum combination of alkalinity, surfactants and solubilizers
  • Kitec Foam is suitable for use in the food industry
  • Can be used for all alkali resistant materials. On aluminum, a practice test for material compatibility is to be carried out.
  • Dosage: foam undiluted with the pressure foam device and apply

Kitec C-Mat
Kitec C-Mat
Liquid cleaner for convectors / combi steamer
  • Concentrated alkaline cleaner for devices with automatic dosing in canteen kitchens, gastronomy and food industry
  • Gentle on materials and suitable for daily cleaning
  • Ensures a powerful removal of grease, protein and frying residues, and driedleftovers
  • Fragrance free, suitable for all ranges of water hardness and prevents effective limescale
  • Dosage: depending on the degree of soiling and water hardness
    As a rinse aid we recommend to use Kitec Rinse S.


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