Seitz “Saubere Sache Podcast”
Interview Alexander Seitz MD of SEITZ GmbH with Peter Wennekes, Ceo of CINET

Seitz “Saubere Sache Podcast”

Focus latest NEWS, trends and on short- and long term opportunities


Seitz, International Supplier of chemical products and dispenser systems to the PTC industry, launched a new initiative to inspire their Network and the industry to take action on dealing with these difficult economic times of strong cost increases, availability of energy and labor, et cetera.

At the EXPO Detergo the Podcast “EINE SAUBERE SACHE” was launched to address trends, latest developments and new opportunities in Professional Textile Care. These are realized via interviews of Managing Director Alexander Seitz with key-persons within the industry.

Meanwhile several interviews have been taken, one of them with Peter Wennekes, Ceo of CINET. “There is a good interest of the industry players to be involved in this Podcast project”, according to Mr. Seitz and he feels this Podcast project can contribute to further cooperation within the supply chain and the PTC industry to deal with the current survival modus and focus on new opportunities thereafter.

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