Information about order processing

Order Acceptance:

To place your orders by phone, you can reach us from Mon - Thu between 8:00 am - 4:30 pm and Fri from 8:00 am – 2:40 pm.

Orders that reach us Mon - Thu until 11:30 am and Fri 10:00 am, are usually shipped on the same day.

Due to high incoming orders, public holidays or sick leave, it may happen that the delivery target mentioned above cannot be met.

For real urgent shipments please add the note "urgent" when placing your order or in your email order. These orders are preferably processed by us and should therefore be the exception.


Depending on the type of order and the size of the package, we will hand the shipments to DPD or the Kuehne & Nagel transport company. DPD is mainly commissioned with small consignments. It cannot transport cans weighing more than 32 kg or outgassing products such as e.g. Viva Duox.

The delivery with the forwarding company usually takes two working days. Even when the order shipped by the carrier will already reach you after one day, this is faster than the expected normal runtime.

Unfortunately, there can be unexpected delivery delays time and again through the transport companies. Temporary drivers in holiday periods, high shipment volumes or the loss of transport capacity may be the reasons for it.

But carriers also offer priority shipments and next day delivery. For these services staggered surcharges are demanded.

For example, next day delivery until 10:00 am will cost 75 EUR and 35 EUR without a time limit.

If you wish for such a delivery, we are glad to arrange it for a charge of the mentioned costs.

Shipping Information:

Customers who order online or set up their account in the Internet shop will receive a confirmation email after the shipment is handed over to the carrier. With this email,a link will be sent to retrieve the tracking information of the shipment.


Usually we send the invoice by post. Of course, an email with the invoice is possible, too.
With these emails we would also send new safety data sheets, if there are any changes since your last order.

Shelf Service:

With the carriers we have agreed the handover of our products to you "free curbside".
There is also the possibility that the transport company will carry the products to a location of your choice. These shipments, called "free at place" or "shelf service", are subject to two conditions.

  • There is a maximum weight of 32 kg to each packaging unit.
  • And the service is limited to 10 units.

This service is charged to us by the companies with a flat rate fee of 15 Euros. This amount will be added to your account.

Empties Management:

Empties can be taken back by us. Since many of our products are hazardous goods, there are strict regulations for their transportation.These also apply to the transport of empty but not washed cans.

  • The driver must be able to show a list of all empty containers during a check. If you order us to pick up empties, we need to know exactly which cans to pick up.
  • The empty containers must be closed.
  • The empty containers must be clean.
  • The empty containers must be secured against falling over on the truck. Therefore, we provide you with cage pallets, stacking frames or foil for load securing.

The pallets with empties should be loaded as high as possible in order to keep transport costs low.

Da die Speditionen in der Regel morgens Ware anliefert und nachmittags einsammelt, ist es meist nicht möglich, bei einer Warenanlieferung dem Fahrer das Leergut mitzugeben.

Cash on Delivery:

Cash on delivery is possible.The carrier charges us 2.5% of the goods value but at least EUR 15.30 per shipment. The parcel service charges 8 EUR per package. We will invoice these additional costs to our customers.
The settlement process cash on delivery is complicated and therefore costly.
Instead of payments with cash on delivery, customers can use advanced payment.For this no extra charge is required.

Pallet Loading:

Our products are stored on pallets in our warehouse.
Therefore please consider the following pallet loading in your order.

  • 25 x 20 kg Sack Detergents
  • 2 x 250 kg Big Bags Detergents
  • 6 x 60 kg can
  • 12 x 20 kg Cans, thereof a maximum of 2 layers