SEITZ Procedure for Laundries

SEITZ products and processes: Perfectly matched!

Viva Geniox procedure Viva Geniox - the novel liquid oxygen bleach from SEITZ, is already highly effective at 30 °C - reliable disinfection is achieved at 40 °C.
In addition, the Viva Geniox process guarantees maximum protection of colors and fibers. In combination with Viva Care even sensitive wool products can be washed gently in wet cleaning with best results.
Especially delicate textiles, such as the resident linens from retirement and nursing homes can now be washed and bleached at 30 °C and disinfected at 40 °C in the gentle cycle of washer extractor machines and laundry lines.
Only the Viva Geniox procedure in combination with Viva odoSorb ensures that difficult-to-clean laundry and delicate textiles from the hospital and elderly care sector, are free of stubborn unpleasant smells, hygienically clean and fiber-deep fresh.
Viva Duox procedureNew, economical process for chemo-thermal laundry disinfection.
Our in-house developed and successfully tested Viva Duox liquid disinfectants and bleaches optimize the quality of your laundry and save resources.
These products guarantee a reliable germ killing even at low dosage. You only need small amounts for disinfection such as 1.5 g/l Viva Pris and 1.25 g/l Viva Duox. The short exposure time at a bath temperature of 60 °C amounts to 10 minutes only. Despite the low dosage of Viva Duox, best bleaching results are achieved even without the addition of hydrogen peroxide.