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Water & Energy Use

The economical use of water and the reuse!

In many regions around the world, water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource. Therefore, water is getting more expensive and the economical use and reuse more important.
Another cost factor: "heat". Heat is needed for almost all processes in the laundry business but for its generation a high expenditure of energy is necessary.
One possible solution is to use new and modern technology to reduce costs and effort.


The cornerstones for the economical use of water are:

Schema Wasserwiederverwendung

Reduce Water Consumption
To save water the reduction of use and the optimization of dosing parameters are first possibilities.

Water Recycling
If the untreated water is not too heavily polluted, it can be reused.
Water Treatment
The water, contaminated by dirt and chemicals, is treated, so that it can be either completely or partially reused.


Energy use and reuse:

Schema Blockheizkraftwerk
Schema Wärmetauscher

Heat Generation
When generating heat, it is important that modern steam boilers are being used to minimize energy losses. For example, the water can already be preheated with solar collectors. Alternatively, depending on the existing system, you can use the central steam generation or work with local steam generators.
Cogeneration units offer another alternative - they provide an efficient way to generate heat and electricity.
Heat Recovery
The energy bound in the steam, water or condensate can be optimally utilized by reuse, better said by transmission.
Heat Exchangers
Heat exchangers are technical devices which transfer the stored energy in the medium of water - also as condensate or exhaust air - in form of heat to a colder medium and thus reuse the already existing energy without releasing it unused to the environment, for example heat exchangers, process water ...



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