SEITZ Service for laundries

Complete service under one roof - specially tailored to you!

The SEITZ application specialists can develop a concept tailored to your specific needs that enables you to save resources and money, and to economize future-oriented.

Our service offer includes the following issues:

  • Investigation of textile damage cases
  • Wash control strips (Textile test strips from Hohenstein or WfK (Cleaning Technology Institute e.V.))
  • Hygiene control
  • Water analyses (e.g. pH level, total hardness, copper, manganese and iron determination, conductance)
  • Complete water examination
  • Water hardness determination
  • Hygiene examination Rodac plates (contact surface sampling)
  • Hygiene examination Des-Controller (contact surface sampling)
  • Staff training
  • Operation analysis


Do you have any questions or would you like a free personal consultation? Our application engineers and sales representatives are happy to help you by phone or on site.