Our Environment - Our Responsibility

Quality and Safety - For you and our environment

For the SEITZ companyit is to be given that quality, environmental protection and safety are natural components in the organization of a chemical company and for the operation of a chemical production facility.

The further development of all measures of environmental protection and safety is not based on spectacular individual approaches, but on a continuous improvement of the processes of everyday business life. The principles during discovery of new products, further development of existing products as well as processes and in all engineering improvements are:

  • Minimization of production-related wastewater volume
  • Minimization of air and noise emissions
  • Minimal waste
  • Recyclingof packages (barrels, containers)
  • Best possible precautions in occupational safety and facility safety
  • Technical devices according to the current state of art
Quality Management according to ISO 9001
With the introduction of a high quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001, we can guarantee continuous quality and absolute safety for all departments in your company.
SEITZ carefully checks every incoming delivery of raw materials. Similarly, every finished product shipped to our worldwide customers is fully tested to ensure that you consistently receive the highest quality products on the market.
All SEITZ products with their incomparable properties and results are manufacturedin such a way that they meet or even exceed the strict environmental requirements stipulatedby German law.
As a member of the global “Responsible Care” initiative, we are committed to protect human health as well as the environment and promote responsible behavior towards safety and environment.
“Responsible Care” are a companies that voluntarily undertake to do more than is required: They promote sustainability, show product responsibility, create more safety for production facilities and their neighborhood, provide more health protection in the workplace and improve environmental protection.
Quality Management according to ISO 14001
The protection of the environment is an important part of our company philosophy. Through active environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001, we continuously reduce the environmental impact of our production processes.
The aim of the environmental policy of SEITZ Ltd is to work in an environmentally friendly manner and to protect the environment from the negative consequences of operating activities.
Implementing environmental policyisthejobofeveryemployee. Promoting the environmental awareness of employees is a constant management task.
Through the teamwork of the management, environmental officers and employees it is ensured that education, training and internal audits result in continuous improvement and compliance with legal obligations.
The EU Ecolabel is the Ecolabel recognized in all member states of the European Union and an important reference for consumers who want to reduce their environmental impact by purchasing environmentally sound products and services.
The award is made for products and services that have lower environmental impacts than comparable products. With the EU Ecolabel, the consumer should have the opportunity to choose more environmentally friendly products.
Improved washing performance combined with ecology and sustainability was the challenge for the developers in the SEITZ laboratory..
The result is a class of its own - Viva Envia
(Moreproduct details under: products/detergents/puredetergents)
More information about the EU Ecolabel is available