Cleaning Aids from SEITZ

In order to achieve an optimal cleaning result, we offer you the perfect companion for our products.

Our microfiber products have been tested several times in combination with our cleaning products and therefore, been judged very helpful.

Our dosing technology helps you save money and protect the environment.
A dilution of the products you use will never again lead to over- or underdose and incorrect use.
Regular checksensurethis.

Cleaning Tools

Mikrofasermop 40cm
Microfiber mop 40 cm
The fine fibers hold dirt like a magnet.
Their abrasive effect ensures that our detergents perform their work even more effectively.
Mikrofasermop 50cm
Microfiber mop 50 cm
This width is perfect for dry cleaning without any chemicals - the gentlest surface cleaning for all kinds of floors.
Mikrofasermop Spa 40cm
Mikrofasermop Spa 40cm
Die feinen Fasern behalten wie ein Magnet den Schmutz fest und die langen festeren kunststofffasern sorgen dafür das auch die Haare aus dem Bad verschwinden.
Mikrofasertücher soft
Microfibre cloths soft (40 x 40 cm in four-color system)
Its fine texture helps to use cleansing agents well-directed and sparingly.
They even can be used dry for polishing.
Mikrofasertücher Noppy
Microfibre cloths Noppy (40 x 40 cm in four-color system)
The loop structure absorbs a lot of water and cleaning solution and therefore Noppy likes to be seen as a helper in the kitchen.
Kratzfreier Schwamm
Scratch-free sponge (in four-color system)
Extremely versatile - a welcome helper in the kitchen and bathroom.
Magnetischer Mopphalter
Magnetic mop holder
Built very sturdy and designed for a long life.
Mop Stiel
Made of aluminum,
with a very long handlefor a simple, ergonomic working height / length adjustable.

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