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Legend for washing symbols and other pictograms

The symbols and pictograms listed here can be found not only on this website but also in all printed brochures and flyers. And ofcourse on all SEITZ products. .


Packaging Unit
    Sack     Bigbag     Dose
    Canister     Barrel     Bucket
    DosingBottle     ObliqueMouthBottle     Spray Bottle

    WashTemperature     White Wash     Coloreds
    Woolens     HygienicWoolens     Disinfection
    InfectionControl     Skin Compatibility  
    Rinsable and usable in perchloroethylene
    Rinsable and usable in hydrocarbon solutions
    Rinsable and usable in silicone solvent
    Washable and usable in the laundry / wet cleaning
    Rinsable and usable in intense® solvent
   Washing     Cleaning Activator     CleaningAmplifier
    SpottingAgent     BrushingAgent     StainProtection
    Special Products        
    Hand Soap     Hand Care     Hand Disinfection
    DishwashingDetergent     Hand DishwashingDetergents    RinseAid
    Descaler     Oven Cleaner     Stainless Steel Cleaner
    Manual Floor Cleaning     MachineFloor Cleaning     Cleaning with Floor Protection
    Manual Cleaning    Glass Cleaning     Cleaner for all hard surfaces / Surface Cleaner
    WC Cleaner     Lavatory Cleaner     Sanitary Cleaner
    Disinfectant     Cleaner forMedical Instruments