The products of the Surtec line are highly concentrated and highly efficient ...

... products manufactured and tested according to the latest knowledge in research.
They can satisfy the various requirements of gastronomy, the hotel business and housekeeping. They can be diluted ready for use by hand or with a dosing system.

Get an excerpt of our products here:

Surtec Shine
Surtec Shine
Alcoholic neutral cleaner for shiny surfaces
  • Liquid, highly concentrated, alcoholic gloss cleaner for daily maintenance cleaning of shiny, wet wipeable surfaces
  • Fast and thorough cleaning of surfaces by highly active substances
  • Due to its alcoholic formulation very well suited for the rapid, streak-free drying of glossy surfaces, e.g. painted surfaces, glazed tiles, tiles, plastics and glass
  • Dosage: Standard: 25 - 50 ml per 10l | Strong: 100 - 250 ml per 10l

Surtec Flex
Surtec Flex
Scentedwiping care
The neutral wiping care based on water-soluble polymers, which can be used manually or mechanically on all water-resistant, coated and uncoated elastic floor coverings.
  • Characterized by excellent cleaning and care properties, such as a streak-free drying, silky matt self-gloss and a slip resistant care film
  • Layer buildup and yellowing are avoided
  • Treated floors can be easily polished with single-disc or high-speed machines
  • Also suitable for the cleaner and single-stage wiping process
  • Dosage: Standard: 25 - 50 ml per 10l | Cleaners: 10% undiluted as needed

Surtec Glass
Surtec Glass
Glass and plastic cleaner
  • Liquid, highly concentrated, economical cleaning product for glass cleaning as well as the cleaning of matt and glossy plastic surfaces
  • Cleans thoroughly and material gently by an optimum formulation
  • Dries quickly and streak-free
  • Dosage: Apply undiluted to our microfibre cloth


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