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Impregnation in professional textile care

For a whole range of textiles, an impregnation is necessary for their use. The spectrum ranges from outdoor clothing to the chemical protection suit in industry.
Partly an impregnation of textiles is carried out in the household sector, too. However, the impregnation in the specialized factory of textile cleaning has a number of significant benefits:

  • safe handling of the impregnating agent
  • accurate dosage and even application of the agent onto the textiles
  • Through a defined rinsing process, the basis for applying the impregnating agent is laid onto the textile fibers.
  • By defined drying conditions with time and temperature, optimum condensation and crosslinking of the impregnating agent takes place. This ensures maximum protection against moisture and other liquids.
  • when impregnated in the solvent there is no entry of active ingredients into the environment

There are impregnating agents for use in solvents (Per, KWL, Intense) as well as in water. Today, in the commercial textile care the majority of textiles is impregnated in aqueous medium.
Seitz offers the following impregnating agents for solvent processing:
For use in Per and intense®:   Cetox KWI
For use in KWL:   Cetox Perfect Seitz offers the products for processing in aqueous media - wet cleaning
Aquastop FC Water and chemical repellent equipment based on fluorocarbon C6
Aquastop   Water repellent equipment based on paraffin
AuqaShield FF   Fluorine-free water-repellent permanent equipment Seitz offers the products for impregnation in professional laundries
Viva Protect   Water and chemical repellent equipment based on fluorocarbon C6
  Water and chemical repellent finish that provides protection even at low temperatures, that means already from room temperature.
For PSA textiles, e.g. in the field of fire departments or the chemical industry, both the water-repellent as well as the chemical-repellent equipment is necessary. To date, sufficient values in both properties are only achieved by impregnating agent based on fluorocarbon C8. For this application Seitz offers the product Chemprotect FC.