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WRP (Trade journal “Laundry and Cleaning Practice”) May Edition

The concept of wet cleaning is not new – however, to make it as efficient as conventional cleaning methodsusing solvents is a new concept. In Germany, a new system solution comes onto the market, which offers just that. The system developed by the companies SEITZ and Girbau is sold by Multimatic and called AquaTouch. It allows the complete cleaning of practically all textiles in water.

The license-free carefree package from SEITZ and Girbau offers calculation, organization and delivery of all operational designed components. Essential parts are the technology for washing and drying as well as the cleaning agents specially developed for AquaTouch , combined with state-of-the-art dosing technology. Also included in delivery are the installation and programming of the individual components, a maintenance contract and a customized after-sales service. The system is easy to handle and works reliable. The cleaning result is excellent, while colors remain powerful and do not fade. Wool and silk can also easily be cleaned without any risks using AquaTouch, this likewise applies to textiles with sequins or pearl embroidery. The investment inAquaTouch generates manageable costs that are easy to control in practice.AquaTouch is the ideal solution for companies that previously only focused on solvents and would like to expand their range of possibilities.

The washing machine fromGirbau offers various features that are especially important for wet cleaning. The CareTouch drum offers a particularly gentle washing mechanism and therefore is very well suited for delicate and exclusive garments. The perforated blades of Aquafall provide a cascade flow of water without having to move the textiles. A particularly accurate temperature control in the washing process is achieved by the AquaMixer system. An exact temperature control in the washing machine avoids textile damage in sensitive garments. All modern machines can easy and flexible be programmed.

SEITZ has developed three product lines for AquaTouch.The AquaTouch Clean range includes four different detergents: Viva Care for sensitive fabrics such as wool and silk, Viva Combi for fat and protein-soluble stains, Viva Lana in combination with Viva Duox for disinfection already at 40 °C and Viva Uni, the universal detergent for all temperatures.The AquaTouch Care range includes Viva Acet, with an acid etching agent with a citric acid base as well as Viva Duox and Viva Geniox, two oxygen-based bleaches. The AquaTouch Protect range contains many different finishing agents for the secondary treatment of textiles.
Thanks to the latest technology the AquaTouch dryers offer great versatility, safety and efficiency. The CareTouch drum provides a very gentle treatment for particularly delicate textiles. SpeedControl allows an automatically adjusted speed to avoid damages.The insulated HeatCapture door with double glazing ensures a more comfortable working environment and guarantees higher performance. The HumidityControl ensures precise drying by measuring the residual moisture in the drum to prevent overheating.

The AquaTouch system is completed by finishing devices from Multimatic. Offered is an ironing board, a trouser topper and a form finisher. In addition, the company SEITZ has developed a special dosing system consisting of a control unit with microprocessor, pumps and vacancy detectors, which is versatile to program. The individual components can be flexibly adjusted to your company needs in terms of efficiency.