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Customized solutions: Spotting agents for experts from SEITZ

When it comes to cleaning textiles, professional laundries often face the challenge of effectively and gently removing stubborn stains from sensitive or with rich applications decorated garments. Different stains and different colors and types of fabric - this usually makes a thorough check and pre-sorting of the laundry inevitable. SEITZ offers a wide range of spotting agents which solve these problems and enables easy, fast and comprehensive stain removal.

Large and small assortment for all types of stains and fabrics
The experts of SEITZ, the internationally leading company in the field of professional cleaning, hygiene and disinfection, developed in the company's own laboratories different stain-removers, to react effectively to each type of stain without damaging the fabric.The large line of spotting agents consists of a set of 7, in which all solutions can be easily distinguished by different colored bottles. SEITZ's small line of spotting agents is consisting of three agents and is tailored to the respective solvent. The spotting agents of the set can safely be combined with each other and can easily be rinsed out in perchloroethylene during the pre-spot-removal procedure and with water or with the steam gun in the post-spotting. With this powerful team, water- and solvent-soluble as well as tannin-containing and blood and protein-containing stains can be treated with little effort. Even grease, lacquers and paint stains lose their horror with the spotting agents from SEITZ. Despite the high compatibility with all types of fabric, it is advisable to carry out a test on the hem of the garment before using the spotting agent for sensitive textiles, dyeings and prints. This is to make sure that there is no discoloration or other unwanted reactions.

Special spotting agents for stubborn stain substances
For some stains it is necessary to use special stain removers to remove or bleach the stains from fabrics. For this purpose, SEITZ has three suitable solutions: The Blankotex oxidation bleaching agent is the first choice if the laundry needs to be treated for ink or dye stains. Blankotex eliminates bleachable stains but does not attack fixed colorings. The application is very simple: dissolve Blankotex in hot water and apply to the stain. In a small dosage of only 2-3 gram per liter of water even slight yellowing can be bleached. After treatment the bleaching agent can be rinsed thoroughly with plenty of water. The special spotting agents Ferrol and Ferrol N, on the other hand, remove rust, verdigris and other metal oxides from the fabric. Caution is required during the treatment, as Ferrol is caustic and should not come into contact with the skin, eyes or with glass. After the treatment, the spotting agent must be neutralized with an alkaline agent and rinsed with water or steam from the tissue. The third special spotting agent in the league is the enzyme-containing agent Lipasol L. It has a strong cleaning power with old protein and blood stains and can be applied undiluted to the clothing. For larger stains, it is advisable to add Lipasol L to a 30 - 40 °C water bath. Depending on the strength of the stains, a dosage of 2 - 5 gram Lipasol L per liter of water is recommended. Spotting agents from SEITZ