Pathways into the future

Your Image - Our Mission

We see our "mission" in always supporting our customers so that they in return can offer their customers a consistently high quality and performance standard for products and services.

Our goal is more than just supplying products. We develop and sell concepts and total solutions that provide our customers with every opportunity to consolidate and expand their business activities in today's tough markets and stand out from the competition.

The use of SEITZ products leads to higher customer loyalty, reduced operating costs, greater employee satisfaction and responsible environmental awareness. As a result, SEITZ customers are generally market leaders in every segment of the textile care industry.

The continuous development and the complete offer of a contemporary product range for spotless, fresh, hygienic cleaning - suitable for all process technologies in the field of commercial textile care - is not only a "vision", but the basis on which we found our way into the future.

Another goal for us is to ensure that every textile care company on the world market is given the conditions to deliver textiles treated with SEITZ products and processes to their customers. Thanks to our worldwide sales network, every textile care company can gain access to the advantages of using SEITZ products.

SEITZ's profound, extensive knowledge and experience in the field of commercial textile care is based on more than 125 years of research and developmental work in the industry.

With these experiences, we are able to offer a unique product concept for commercial textile cleaning and care, industrial and institutional laundry, leather cleaning and care, cleaning and care of carpets, as well as solvent and machine care.

All SEITZ products with their unique properties and results are manufactured in such a way that they meet or even exceed the strict environmental requirements stipulated by German law.

SEITZ textile care products enhance your image, maximize your profits, set you apart from your competitors and make the textile care industry as good as ever!