SEITZ Products for Leather Cleaning and Care

SEITZ Leather Products forthe Professional

Leather is a high-quality natural product that requires special, professional care.

SEITZ offers you a selected assortment of products for leather cleaning and care, which will help you, to carry out a professional and thorough treatment.

Thorough cleanliness, hygiene and freshness are also the outstanding features in this area, of leather clothing cleaned and maintained with SEITZ products.


Get an excerpt of our products here:

DryX Pre & Clean
DryX Pre & Clean
Brushing agent and cleaning booster for leather
DryX Pre & Clean is an universal brushing agent that can also be used as a cleaning booster in perchloroethylene and hydrocarbon solvents.
DryXPre& Clean containsbalancedproportionsofemulsifiers and fatliquoringcomponents in additiontosurfactants.
DryX Pre & Clean is excellently suited for brushing or spraying particularly stubborn stains and has a dissolving effect on wet and greasy soiling such as wine, milk drinks, leftovers, beer, fruit juices and sweat marks.
DryX Pre & Clean binds free water and avoids graying, hardening or breaking in of the leather. The proportions of emulsifiers and highly concentrated fatliquors avoid an increase in the water-attractiveness of the leather.


DryX Licker
DryX Licker
Water-miscible refatliquorfor leather for use in solvents or for spraying
DryX Lickercontains natural and mineral oils, which penetrate deep into the leather and do not stick to the leather surface.
DryX Licker deepens the leather color and has excellent leveling power. The treatedleathergets a soft, fullgrip.
DryX Licker is universal applicable in perchloroethylene, hydrocarbon solvents and water.
DryX Lickeris easy to emulsify in water and is also used as an emulsion in pre-spotting and spray postfatliquoring.

DryX Finish
DryX Finish
Plasticizer and refatliquorfor the aftertreatment of purified leather
DryX Finishcontains fatliquorsand softeners that penetrate deep into the leather without altering the leather surface.
DryX Finish has a leveling power, refreshes the colors and provides a full and soft feel.
DryX Finish reduces water-attractiveness and promotes impregnation. Furs become supple with DryX Finish and get a natural shine.
DryX Finish DryX Finish is universal applicable in perchloroethylene and hydrocarbon solvents.

WetX Wash
WetX Wash
Pure detergent and brushing agent for wet washing of leather
WetX Wash can be used as a pure detergent or brushing agent, which also contains portions of fatliquors in addition to washing-active substances. The gentle but highly effective, washing active components solve stains and stuck dirt. Natural and synthetic oils ensure even during the washing process for a refatliquoringof the leather.
WetX Wash is also suitable for leather-textile combinations.

WetX Finish
WetX Finish
Refatliquorwith grip components for all types of leather
WetX Finish is a special refatliquor, which ensures a high level of natural and synthetic oils for a uniform refatliquoringof the leather. High-quality care components give the leather a pleasant soft feel and lead to a refreshing and deepening of the colors.
WetX Finish is particularly suitable for leather-textile combinations.


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