Company Profile

Tradition since 1885

SEITZ is an international, modern mid-sized company with a worldwide reputation in the field of proper hygienic cleaning and care. Our special products cover the entire range of products that are necessary for modern hygiene today.

Thanks to continuous further development, SEITZ products not only clean laundry and delicate textiles of all kinds thoroughly and environmentally friendly, but also clean all surfaces on commercial premises.

Effective but environmentally friendly cleaning agents, a fully coordinated skin care and protection program, as well as certified disinfectants complete the product portfolio of SEITZ.

Our customers are laundries, dry cleaners, retirement homes, hospitals, fire departments, hotels and restaurants all over the world.

For more than 125 years, products and processes for national as well as international use have been developed in our in-house laboratories and tested for their efficiency and effectiveness.

Taking local conditions as well as environmental aspects into account, products are constantly optimized and new approaches are developed and tested.Compared to competitors in our market segment, we invest each year an above-average proportion of our sales.

All underoneroof:
From development to production, ecologically storage, worldwide shipping, marketing and sales, as well as finance and administration.

Our chemists and engineers not only constantly develop and improve our own recipes, but also keep up to date with state-of-the-art technology and the environment by attending national as well as international conferences.

Around the clock, our internal application engineers solve even the most complicated technical and chemical questions of our customers. A large staff of technical application consultants in the field service take care ofour customers directly in Germany.

International SEITZ employees, who are available to our resellersand major customers in the respective countries, are continually at work to solve existing problems on site and to implement new procedures and products.

The business with the US and Canada is managed by a subsidiary established in Tampa.
Our authorized distributors can be found in another 62 countries.

Wherever we "operate" in the world - our guiding principle is:

Quality and service are our daily aim -
the satisfaction of our customer our highest goal!

Management: Alexander Seitz, Alexander Runge