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What you have always wanted to know about GreenEarth:

What is GreenEarth®?
GreenEarth® is a registered brand name for a solvent. This solvent is a liquid silicon with the chemical designation Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, in short called D5 . The D 5 is a solvent which has been known and used for more than 50 years.


Where can I buy or am I allowed to buy this solvent?
This solvent is available from SEITZ GmbH by the name of „GreenEarth®“.

Physical Properties


What is the odour like?
The GreenEarth® solvent is completely odourless.

Will I have solvent smell in my clothes after cleaning?
With professional solvent care, the clothes have an absolutely neutral smell.

Will I have unpleasant odour in my shop localities?
As opposed to other solvents, there are is no smell in your shop localities caused by this solvent.


GreenEarth® is a colourless, clear liquid.

Physical Data

  What are the physical data of this solvent?
Raw material designation: Decamethylcyclopentasiloxan Short name: D5 Brief description: colourless and odourless liquid
Density: 0,96 g/cm3
Flash point: 77 °C
Boiling point: 210 °C
Solubility: <0,1 mg/l in water


Are there any health risks caused by GreenEarth® solvent?
There is no detrimental knowledge gained by cosmetic industries over a long period of time.

What is the hazardous substance classification of GreenEarth®?
E There is no classification. D5 is no hazardous substance and no dangerous good and no flammable solvent within the sense of the  “Betriebssicherheitsverordnung” (Regulation of Operation and Production Safety)

How safe is GreenEarth® handling?
In normal handling and use, there is no hazard for humans or the environment. Neither by direct nor indirect contact. Long-term experience and knowledge is available from cosmetic industries.

Where is GreenEarth®  also used?
The raw material has been used for several decades in the cosmetic industry. Liquid silicones are the basic components of shampoos, hair rinse products and lotions.

How many years of experience are there in handling this solvent?

GreenEarth® was launched on the market for the first time in 1999. Thus this solvent has been marketed for the longest period of time in comparison to all other modern solvents and moreover has been tested in most various ways. It has been classified as being very ecological and without any hazard  to human beings.


Cleaning Action

How are the drycleaning results as compared to perchloroethylene and hydrocarbon solvents?
In the traditional drycleaning procedure, the cleaning results are comparable to those obtained with hydrocarbon solvents. Yet, the cleaned textiles have an even softer and more pleasant handle, they crease much less and thus the finishing work is much more reduced.

In the Energized GreenEarth® procedure, drycleaning results are obtained which are almost as good as those obtained in traditional cleaning in perchloroethylene.

What are the advantages of this solvent compared to hydrocarbon solvents?

With the same results as hydrocarbon solvents or better results than with HC solvents,  GreenEarth® is much less problematic in application. There is no hazardous substance classification. The flash-point is about 77° C and thus more than 15° C above the flash-point of hydrocarbon solvent (61° C) .The risk of bacteria formation in the drycleaning machine is considerably less with GreenEarth® than with hydrocarbon solvents. In professional care, there will be no unpleasant odours due to bacteria.

What are the advantages of this solvent as compared to perchloroethylene?
DDue to the very negative classification with regard to ecological quality and the very negative press throughout the past years, in future, perchloroethylene will become a phase-out model in textile drycleaning. GreenEarth® is the only odourless and environmentally friendly alternative for professional textile care in future.

What about oleaginous work clothes?
Here, too, this kind of soil can safely be removed by the Energized GreenEarth® procedure.

What about water-soluble stains?
According to the machine type and procedure, water-soluble stains can be removed very well by means of using drycleaning detergents and drycleaninng activators and water.


How much work and expenditure is required for ironing?
GreenEarth® is a silicone-based solvent. Silicones are able to mantle the fibre and to protect it. In this way, they improve the quality for ironing and thereby considerably reduce the ironing work and expenditure.

  How much are the costs for solvent cleaning and care?

Solvent Cleaning and Care with Distillation
In cleaning and care of this solvent by means of distillation, only the cost of the used energy will occur. There will be no time consumption nor product cost due to addition and disposal of filter auxiliaries. Greases and other substances difficult to remove by filtration will be removed reliably. Errors are reduced  to a minimum. Possible colour residues from discolouring in clothes or ballpoint are removed by distillation.

  Solvent Cleaning and Care without Distillation
Solvent cleaning and care will be possible with so-called filter auxiliaries. Thorough care and strict observation of the procedure will be indispensable for maintaining the solvent quality.

How much is the solvent consumption?

Exact consumption values can be asked from the machinery manufacturers. Experience has shown that the average consumption is below 1 % according to the type of textiles, related to the mass of the cleaned textiles (thick resp. thin goods).



What is the cost of GreenEarth®  solvent?
The prices of GreenEarth®  may fluctuate according to raw material availability. In general, using GreenEarth®  is not more expensive than other solvents since the consumption is very low according to the machine type. GreenEarth® is less expensive than all other comparable green solvents.


How will I get assistance from SEITZ  in conversion and implementation?
SEITZ have compiled a package for optimum use of the patented GreenEarth® procedure. This includes elaboration of the drycleaning programs, training of your personnel for use of the new products as well as ample advertising material.

Permits and Regulations

Which approvals do I need  respectively which regulations will I have to observe for operation of a GreenEarth® drycleaning machine as compared to operation with hydrocarbon solvent?
According to the Federal Department of the Environment and the supplier’s safety data sheet, D 5 and consequently, GreenEarth® are subject to the 31. BImSchV.

In this context, all limits for concentrations must be observed and maintained in conformity with 31. BImSchV, Anhnex III, Pkt. 3.1.2, .

Apart from other provisions, the following must absolutely be observed:

cleaning and drying of the textiles to be treated must be done in closed system according to the latest stage of technology.

Automatic locking must secure that the load door cannot be opened until after completed drying when the D 5 mass concentration in the drum does not exceed a value of 5 g/cbm resulting from continuous measuring control.

The mass concentration in the sucked off, undiluted exhaust from a mass flux of more than 0,2 kg/h (155l/h),  as an average ,via the drying or exhaust phases must not exceed 0,15 g/cbm.

The admissible emission limit is  20 g/kg of cleaned and dried textile goods.

For meeting the VOC Guidelines, an annual solvent balance must be set up.

Professional knowledge according to  BGR 500 will be required.


How can I dispose of the distillation and filter residues?
Waste, distillation sludge and filter residues are considered to be subject to special supervision and thus must be disposed of respectively recycled according to the German Law “KrWG –Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz (u.a. §§ 6-9)” ( Law on Recycling Economy).
Every local waste disposal contractor will dispose of liquid or pasty waste.

How can I dispose of the contact water?
In disposal of contact water, the limit value for discharge must not exceed 20mg/l . If this limit value is exceeded, the discharge water must be treated for proper inlet.












Which drycleaning machines can I use for operation with GreenEarth® ?
All equipment distributed by the machinery manufacturers as Multi-Solvent Machines can be used. The question of whether older hydrocarbon machines can be converted must be checked by the machinery manufacturer in the individual case.

Can I do water repellent finishing in the drycleaning machine ?
At the moment, there is no water repellent product available for D 5 but ample tests are presently run with a special water repellent agent for GreenEarth®.

How many GreenEarth® machines are in operation?
Worldwide there are approximately 1700 shops working with GreenEarth®, approximately 600 of which are located in the USA. ln Europe, GreenEarth® is used preponderantly in England and France.

Who are the manufacturers offering GreenEarth® machinery?
GE machines are offered in Germany by all reputed machinery manufacturers.

Auxiliary Products

Which products are needed ?
As far as the products are concerned, the same groups are required as for operation with perchloroethylene and hydrocarbon solvent.
Pre-spotting agents:          Solvex 1, 2, 3 Pre-brushing agent:           Polysol GE Drycleaning detergent:       Earth Clean GE Filter powder:                     Clinosolv Adsorb

What are the tasks of the drycleaning detergent EarthClean GE?
Apart from the properties known from drycleaning in the traditional solvents, the drycleaning detergent in GreenEarth® has the special task to bind water since the solvent itself cannot do this. Good water-binding capacity enables perfect dissolution of water-soluble soil and complete removal of such soil without the risk of redeposition and grey stains or marks.

What is the task of the pre-brushing agent Polysol GE?
Polysol GE® is a pre-brushing agent not likely to cause irritation wh8ich is excellently suited for removal of all kind of stains. 

Polysol GE® is active both on wet-bound and on grease-bound stains. The product has no detrimental effects on coloured textiles.  

Polysol GE® can be rinsed without problem during the drycleaning process.

What is the task of the drycleaning activator Polysol JET?

Polysol Jet® is used in pre-spotting for spraying on wet-bound soiling.  

Polysol Jet® is not likely to cause irritation in spraying and is compatible with the skin due to being exempt from any solvents.

Energized GreenEarth®

What is Energized GreenEarth®?
Energized GreenEarth® is a procedure elaborated and tested by SEITZ which enables GreenEarth®  operation at higher temperatures (up to 40° C) with absolute safety for the textiles.

What is so particular abut Energized GreenEarth®?
Due to the higher temperatures, the drycleaning action is enhanced exponentially according to the Sinner Circle, in the same way as can be observed with water.

Will the warm solvent not become too aggressive or damage the colours?
Long years testing has shown that this almost does not happen. The textiles treated come out of the machine in nearly new state.  Of course, there is one or the other exception as is the case with all solvents but our thorough tests have shown that this happens much more seldom as compared to all other solvents.

Will cleaning always have to be done with warm solvent ?
The warm solvent is an option that can be switched on in addition. If extremely delicate textiles are to be cleaned, this option can simply be switched off and cleaning be done in cold solvent (e.g. leather, fur, silk etc.).

How is the solvent heated up?
According to the type of machine, the solvent is heated up in different ways. Usually, heat exchangers are used for this.

 How is the grease-solubilizing capacity?
With the Energized GreenEarth® Procedure, we have so far reached the best grease-solubilizing power given with all ecological solvents, almost the same as that obtained with perchloroethylene.

Does heated up solvent reduce the energy required for drying and distillation ?
Already in the first bath, the solvent is heated up to a higher energetic level. This requires less energy for reaching the evaporation temperature. Due to the operation at higher temperatures, the entire energy level is maintained in the machine throughout the whole day, resulting in less energy required for distillation and drying.

Marketing Benefit

What are the advantages for me by using GreenEarth®  respectively Energized GreenEarth® for selling my service ?
Brand identity is the term used to describe how we would like people to realize and know us. Nowadays, customers are more and more sensitized for detrimental influences  that might harm them or the environment.

For the first time, GreenEarth® will give you the possibility of dispelling all these concerns and to actively counter-act with the aim to maintain existing customers and – even more important – to win new clients.

May I use the GreenEarth® lLogo for advertising purposes?
SEITZ will provide you with the GreenEarth® logo in various files. When you connect the logo of your drycleaning shop with the GreenEarth® brand, this might contribute to an increase of your business because it will give you a considerable advantage against your competitors and will open the door to a more important and permanent customers relation.

May I alter the GreenEarth® Logo according to my taste (colour, script, etc)?
The logo must be used in original form and not be tampered with.  (A detailed user manual can be ordered separately from SEITZ ).

In order to simplify this for you, we have elaborated some draft concepts for your choice in case you wish to present yourself as GreenEarth® Cleaning- supplier.

What are the marketing instruments for supporting GreenEarth® cleaners?
SEITZ will make available to you advertising material in form of logos, flyers, hanger tags, window stickers, posters and many more which will enable you to provide your customers with information about the process.


Where can I get further information?

Please contact our technical servicemen or directly SEITZ technical department on

phone No. + 49 (0) 6192-9948-0 

or by e-mail to 

We greatly appreciate your interest and are looking forward to your call.