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Quality and safety for you and the environment.

Quality and safety concepts pervade all of our efforts. When introducing a high quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 we can guarantee continuous quality and absolute safety to you and all the departments of your company.

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The whole scope of additives for the professional dry cleaning of textiles

Highly concentrated, highly active, highly efficient

Our latest product program covers the whole scope of additives for the professional dry cleaning of textiles. This is the only way that quality will come to rule in Textile Cleaning and will lead to success.

It is the task of detergents to remove the soil from the garments and to retain it in the bath in order to avoid re-deposition on the textiles as greyings. The cleaning quality essentially depends on the cleaning detergent and in particular on the quality and concentration of its surfactants.

In the case of concentrated detergents, extenders are avoided to be integrated as they might impair the cleaning action. Thus, our cleaning detergents can fully concentrate on their powerful cleaning action.

Detailed information will be provided by our expert technical representatives or our sales staff. We are pleased to be of assistance to you and advice you.

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