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Products for protective fireproof clothing

Guideline for the care of protective fireproof clothing

Fire fighters wear protective clothing in accordance with EN 469 as well as in line with the requirements profile in accordance with the production and testing description for universal protective fireproof clothing (HuPF).

This attire requires specific care for it to remain usable for as long as possible. To prevent a loss of colour of the shell and a deterioration of the luminosity of the reflective strips special detergents should be used only that have been tested for this very area of application.

In addition to the optimal care of materials used the solvency power for soiling specific to this area of application, such as soot and chemicals, must be observed.

To finish protective clothing we recommend a fluorocarbon resin treatment which does not impair the functionality of the reflective woven fabric.

The dirt, water and chemical repelling properties of the protective clothing are constantly renewed with this finish.

Protective clothing is made of the following materials:

  • Aramid fabric
  • Breathable membrane
  • Reflective woven
  • Insulating lining
  • Velcro closure

This also maintains the breathability of the fabric's inherent membrane technology. The finish renews the Aramid fibres used whose chemistry has already been designed to be flame retardant. This property is upheld regardless of the care treatment the garment receives.

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